NutriScience OmegaAid


OmegaAid is a feed supplement that helps to promote healthy skin and coat in cats and dogs. OmegaAid contains high levels of Omega 3. Also included are vitamin A, D, E, biotin, and Zinc all of which are essential for skin and coat maintenance and repair. Ideal for pets with dull or poor coats, or ‘scratchy’ skin.


Product info / Description

Available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles.


Cats and dogs 0-10 kg  2.5 ml
 Dogs 10-20 kg  5 ml
Dogs 20-30 kg 7,5 ml
Dogs over 30 kg 10 ml

Store in a cool, dry place between 15-25°C and keep out of direct sunlight.


Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, omega 3 fish oil, evening primrose oil, aniseed oil, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A, Biotin, zinc glycinate.

Analytical constituents: Crude carbohydrate 1,75% Crude protein <0% Crude oils and fat 98% Ash <0,5%.

How to

Using the dosage cap supplied. Pour OmegaAid Skin & Coat Supplement over the pet’s food.

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